8681 Louetta Rd. Suite 250 Klein, Texas 77379

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About Us

Originally known as the Klein Volunteer Firefighters Association, Inc., Klein Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. (KVFD or ‘the Department’), is a non-profit corporation formed by the original landowners of the Klein community in northwest Harris County.  Their self-charter was to provide fire protection for the community in a 120 square mile rural area.  Today KVFD is contracted by Harris County Emergency Services District No. 16 (HCESD #16 or ‘the District’) to provide fire and rescue services for the citizens who reside in and pass through HCESD #16. The district is now primarily suburban, and comprises approximately 50 square miles, and is home to approximately 139,000 residents.

Five (5) elected district commissioners are empowered by the state of Texas to provide fire and rescue emergency services for the district.   They can contract for services, create a fire department, and set tax rates (not to exceed $0.10 per $100 property valuation) to fund the provided services.  Voters in the district must approve increases in the tax rate up to the maximum allowed.  The district also collects a 1% Sales and Use Tax from businesses operating in the district which are not within a City of Houston Limited Partnership Annexation (LPA) zone.

Fire and Rescue Services

Ten (10) corporate officers, eight (8) of whom make up the board of directors, operate the company. The board is tasked with determining the direction and course of the company. Each corporate officer has chartered responsibilities related to the operation of the company.  The Fire Chief, two (2) Deputy Fire Chiefs, and six (6) District Fire Chiefs are charged with the tactical operation of the department.  Each station is operated by a Senior Captain and Captain. 

The department has five (7) full-time employees to manage the day-to-day operations of the company, approximately 130 commissioned part-time firefighters, and approximately 80 volunteers. 

The department operates 8 stations within the district each with a first out engine and specialized support apparatus. In general, the department operates:

  • 9 Fire Engines
  • 3 Aerial Apparatus
  • 2 Heavy Rescue Trucks
  • 2 Tanker Trucks
  • 2 Grass/Brush Trucks
  • 1 Special Services Support Truck
  • 1 Command/Rehab Truck
  • 4 Rescue Boats
  • 3 Highwater Utility Trucks
  • Various miscellaneous support vehicles

The department has automatic and mutual aid agreements with Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services and with each fire department that abuts the district.  These include Champions FD, Spring VFD, Ponderosa VFD, Little York VFD, Cypress Creek FD, Cy-Fair VFD, and Tomball FD.  The department also has mutual aid agreements with all other departments in Harris and Montgomery Counties.  These agreements ensure that all citizens in north Harris County receive prompt and timely service and adequate resources to manage their emergency incident.

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