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Proper Venting for a Clothes Dryer

Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) show that over 24,000 house fires and nearly $100 million in property damage annually are related to faulty clothes dryer vent installations. House fires related to clothes dryer vents are much more common than most people believe but, luckily, are relatively easy to prevent.  Here are some tips to maintain safe and energy efficient dryer vents.

  1. Dryer ventilation systems should only terminate to the home's exterior and have a proper dampered exterior cover to help prevent water, birds, and insects from entering the duct. The exterior cover should not have a screen since it will cause lint build up and block the vent over time.

  2. Most standards call for clothes dryer vents to be no more than 25 feet in length, have few bends, and no kinks. Gas dryers, though, are often permitted to have ducts no longer than 35 feet in length.

  3. KVFD recommends that the clothes dryer vent system be thoroughly cleaned at least twice per year as preventative maintenance. A home owner can take apart and clean the dryer vent's interior himself. This is made easier with a vacuum cleaner with a long hose attachment. Some HVAC professionals and chimney sweeps also offer dryer vent cleaning as a service.

  4. The transition duct between the dryer and the actual rigid metal dryer vent should be UL approved for the application.

  5. The most commonly seen improper type of dryer vent is flexible vinyl tubing. Vinyl is a type of plastic and it can easily melt and lead to a house fire. This material, most often white and ribbed, tends to allow for lint to readily accumulate. Lint is very flammable and all it takes is a small spark to ignite it leading to a house fire.

  6. Clean dryer vents are more energy efficient. Clogged dryer vents cause the drying cycle to be much longer.

House fires related to improper or blocked dryer vents are easily prevented and a little bit of preventive maintenance can help save lives. When was the last time you inspected and cleaned your clothes dryer vent?

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