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Station 2 - History

1972  -   Personnel started basic training during the summer and were just finishing as the new Fire Fox engine was delivered to Station 1. The last basic training session for Station 2 was on the new engine.

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1973   -    Station was built on Oak Creek Village community property and funded by the developer. It was constructed by the builder of the homes in the subdivision.  It was located at Gladeridge Dr. and Gladebrook Dr. in the OCV subdivision. It was a single bay, wood frame building painted bright red with white trim.

Early/Mid 1980  -   The FM 1960 Communications Center was organized and went into operation.  The organization required a new identification system for the various departments-KFD was assigned numbers in the 30′s, so the OCV 2 was now Station 32.

1982  -   The station was rebuilt as a two-bay red metal building incorporating the original portion of the wood station that housed the electrical and phone service mountings. The station also got a new Snorkel Tele-Squirt Model 5042 ladder truck.

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1987-1988   -  The station was rebuilt again from a two-bay to a three-bay structure. During construction, L32 was parked at an Exxon Station and E32 was parked at the home of a station member.

1992-1993   -    The station received a new E-ONE custom built engine. Station 32 now housed three pieces of equipment: E32, L32, and EQ32.

1997  -   A new custom built all aluminum 75 ft. E-ONE ladder truck replaced the 50 ft. Tele-Squirt.

2003  -   The station received a custom built, all aluminum, 100 ft. E-ONE ladder truck. A small extension was added to the center bay of the station to accommodate.

2004-2006  -   Property at 14640 Gladebrook Drive, the current Station 32, was purchased by Emergency Service District #16 for almost $250,000. Construction began in 2005 and Open House was held in early 2006.
The original station property including the building was turned back over to the OCV HOA.

station 2 cover

2018 - The station was remodeled inside and outside, and this is how the station stands today.   

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