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Station 4 - History

Original Station built around 1976 by Fire Department members of Memorial Northwest and Kleinwood subdivisions. The money to build the station came from door to door donations and from the Homeowner associations.

Land was provided by the MUD and given to KVFD to build the station. Membership was made up by Station 31 members who now lived closer to the Station 4 location. Original station was a two bay wood building that actually blew down once during the building process in a severe thunderstorm.

Station 4 received the first new, commercial body pumper ever purchase by KVFD, manufactured by Pierce about 1979. The first Hurst rescue tool (used) was placed at Station 4 about the same time on a second hand utility truck with a shell body covering the bed. The reserve pumper was later used which was a stick shift two person cab. In 1989 Klein purchased a custom built Pierce Rescue truck with light tower, generator, and much more space to store rescue equipment. This truck was replaced in 2003 by a new Pierce Rescue Body truck. The original pumper was replaced by a commercial pumper manufactured by E-One but it was a tight fit to station 4 so it was sent to station 33 and the original pumper was returned to 4 to serve until the next round of pumpers were purchased in 2003.

st4 01

The Station was rebuilt in 1989 based on a designed that was used to rebuild Station 3, 4, 5, 6. All four stations were built about the same time and had for the first time meeting rooms alongside the bay and 3 bays rather than 2. The Stations cost about $80,000 each to build. Station 4 had the smallest amount of land to work with because the LDS church had purchased the land next to the station to build a church. One bay of Station 4 is 2 feet less wide than the other two bays. The corner of the station meeting room had to be shaved off at an angle to fix into the lot.

st4 02

For many years Station 4 was the busiest Klein station. It was the first due pumper in the original development boom from 1976 through 2000 in over half the built up areas of the District until Station 7 was built.

In 2003 Station 4 moved to a new building on Squyres where it is today. It received a new pumper in 2003 and a new rescue truck. In 2014 it again received a new pumper and a new rescue truck. Old Rescue 34 was converted to a special equipment truck with a large cascade system and booster pump and was moved to station 7.

station 4 cover

2018 - The station was remodeled inside and outside, and this is how the station stands today.   

New Station 4 Front