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Station 5 - History

1978 - A September meeting at the Willow Forest Clubhouse was held because members of the subdivision had contacted Spring VFD about establishing a station. 37 residents volunteered to participate. In November 17 people had filled out applications and began training. The group went to classes and outfitted Engine 502. They finished the plumbing for the pump and the cabinet work. They also assisted station 4, which was under construction. When training was complete they started responding with station 1. Some had monitors activated by a dispatcher. Only a couple pagers were issued, others were on a call down list.

1979 - Attempts at door to door fund raising were unsuccessful. The Department voted to put up the station anyway. A simple metal building consisting of 4 walls, a roof, and plumbing for a bathroom on a concrete slab with a parking area was ready to become station 5 in June. Over the next 3 months station members did the electrical, plumbing, and walls. To celebrate a wood fence was also erected around the property for the Grand Opening in August. Engine 504, a 750 gallon side pump panel, came to us from station 3.

st5 01

1982 - Engine 504 was replaced by a new canopy cab truck seating 5. Grass 1 came from station 1.

1988/1989 - With construction expanding in the area the station was replaced with a three bay, complete with office and bathroom. A training room and storage were added later. In addition, Grass 1 was replaced with a new grass truck and Grass 1 went back to station1. This station is still on Dowdell.

st5 02

1990 - Added Rehab truck from station 3.

2010 - Station 35 is located at 8230 Boudreaux; north of Spring Cypress and is home to over 28 dedicated Firefighters, support personnel and 3 Apparatus. Station 35’s first in areas consists of Miramar Lakes, Willow Dell, Willow Forest, Pinewood Place, Inverness Estates, Hooks Airport and Gleannloch Farms. The station also responds to mutual aid calls with Spring VFD and Tomball VFD.

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